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Jacksonville Dog Training

Have you renamed your dog

NO?  STOP?  or  AHH?

Then you came to the right place!

Sit Happens Dog Training offers professional in-home dog training in Jacksonville, Florida and the following areas,  St Johns County, Nassau County, Clay County and all over the world.  Here at Jacksonville Dog Training we believe in fun first. Training should be about building trust and a long-term relationship through a balance of physical and mental exercises that teach you how to have a better life with your dog.

We come to your home. When you need help with dog training, manners, obedience, behavioral issues, potty training, crate training “Sit Happens Dog Training” is the first place to look. We will train your dog. Then we will teach you how to “Live Beyond the Leash under the most challenging conditions.

We’ve developed a unique approach to create the Best Dog Training in Jacksonville. We use the most advanced techniques to help owners effectively communicate with their dogs.  We come to you.  We address your problems as they occur in your home.  You will be amazed at how quickly your dog will learn to understand your commands and become a safe, happy and balanced dog that everyone can enjoy.

Dog training is the most important element in achieving a balanced, obedient dog. Giving your dog the gift of training is the single most important step in creating a rewarding relationship for you and your dog.

Dog training is a term used to describe a system for modifying a dog’s behavior. Unfortunately, dog training has evolved into a social circle of dog lovers that offer BandAid options to mute an inappropriate behavior instead of actually training the dog. Sit Happens Dog Training works with you to replace the responses your dog has to every-day triggers. Society has programmed us to interpret behavior as either good or bad. In fact, dogs only act on instinct and those instincts are never anything more than appropriate or inappropriate. Instead of punishing, our dog training system teaches you to get your dog’s attention at the moment your he or she is inappropriate. Furthermore we show you how to access your dog’s skills so that you end each interaction with your dog on a positive note.

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