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Doing My Part

My name is David Meyers. I’m here to speak to you about Sit Happens Jax and St Johns County Dog Training.  Until 4 years ago I had never had a dog or even a pet. But I was finally in a position to consider one in 2012. The genesis of this consideration was my roommate’s three dogs.

They were amazing!

Dogs do all these very cool things like jump and run and fart and look at you weird! Over time I thought it would be very cool to have a dog of my own!

I put out some feelers to friends of mine that volunteer at the Jacksonville Animal Care and Protection Service’s facility. Eventually they sent me a dog that “looked cool.” I originally thought that I wanted a Belgian Malinois! After some initial research I thought better of that idea and instead chose a mutt contraption named Adam. Adam was being fostered through a rescue group when I first saw his picture on my smart phone. When I looked at him I saw a dog that was completely focused and bursting with energy.  With giant ears, a tan coat and a white flash (chest) I thought I’d go meet him.

Adam was officially adopted on December 31, 2012 and I quickly renamed him Riser! To my great fortune, the foster family that had him insisted on giving me everything that I would need for a new dog. Literally they gave me everything – bowls, bed, food, kennel, poop bags, collar, leash, etc. The thing that most changed my life though, was dog training from a then small company named Sit Happens Dog Training of Jacksonville.

I took Riser home and had not a clue what I was doing, I mean, I knew the obvious – food, water, shelter but beyond that I was clueless.

Sit Happens Jax rung my doorbell about two weeks after I brought Riser home. This elite dog training company literally made my life, and Riser’s, one that I wish on all my clients now. I learned more about dogs in my four dog training sessions than I think in 4 years of university! Trainer: “Tell your dog to sit and walk away like you believe he will!” What a crock right? It worked! “My dog is sniffing something,” I said. Trainer: “Nope, he’s trying to get out of work.” Wow! Dogs are that smart? What else can they do? And so began my journey to start training people and their dogs!

Next thing you know people are calling asking me for help. I joined a working dog club, I’m running and exercising a dog that literally requires no leash and listened to what I said.

Four years later I’m the Head Trainer for St Johns County, Florida. As a result of countless hours of on the job dog training with Sit Happens Jax, self-education and appreciation for what these wolf-descendants are capable of, I am well on my way to helping dog owners have an amazing relationship with their family’s best friend.

St Johns County, Florida is a great place to live and train dogs.  I’ve enjoyed taking Riser to Saint Augustine, to meet vets and boarding facilities and showing people what trained dogs are capable of – yes it is possible! You can do it!



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