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Josh Jeffers

Head Dog Trainer, Jacksonville, Florida

Josh Jeffers has been training canines since 2010. He has owned dogs since he was a kid, including some of his time in the military. His love for dogs motivated Josh to became a dog trainer in Jacksonville.

His first experience as a dog trainer came with PetCo where he helped hundreds of people develop better relationships with their dogs. He was responsible for over 600 group class sessions during his tenure.

While still with PetCo, Josh joined K9s for Warriors, an organization that provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD and other injuries resulting from their service in the military.

Josh has a passion for giving a “new leash on life”? to rescue dogs and to help wounded veterans. Josh is also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator in Jacksonville. This allows him to not only train people and their dogs but evaluate and certify their abilities in leash-handling and other dog training skills. To further develop his skills he worked with Mayo Clinic’s “Caring Canines”? Unit, running seminars for their handlers.

Eventually, Josh went into private dog training. He wanted to provide a higher level of skill which dog owners were not getting through corporate-structured programs. He believes one-on-one dog training more effectively addresses the issue of distraction. This type of dog training provides faster and more rewarding results. Individual attention enables him to cater to the specific needs of a dog and the owner. He feels great personal reward throughout the training process.

Josh Jeffers chose to join Sit Happens Jacksonville Dog Training because company owner Dave Stellato employed specialized methods that produced a better relationship for Josh with his own challenging dog. He loves the work he is doing for Sit Happens and is thrilled to be a part of this growing company. Josh is known by clients as patient, non-judgmental and a very good teacher. He gets incredibly fast results using reward-based methods.

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