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Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Training Jacksonville FLPUPPY POTTY TRAINING: 101!
Potty Training may be one of the hardest most frustrating challenges you will face when you bring your puppy home. We will tell you what to do and just as important, what you should not do, from the moment you bring the new family dog home. First and foremost avoid potty pads, news papers, or any items that will encourage you dog to go potty in the house. When your pup does have an accident DO NOT rub his nose in it or swat him. No punishment is necessary. Remember your puppy is like a new baby and does not know the difference between inside and outside until you teach her.

Step #1—Management System
The first thing we do at Jacksonville’s best Puppy training company is establish a safe place for our puppy to sleep. Usually that means properly crate training our new puppy. The crate should be big enough for Fido to easily stand or lie down in with enough space for him to turn around. Too much space and she will find a corner to relieve herself. If you are buying a large crate then make sure you add a divider. This gives you the opportunity to enlarge your crate as your puppy grows. For those that are against crate training, a pen or bathroom can be used. Just make sure there is nothing that can hurt you puppy in these areas.

Step #2—Routine
Every time your dog comes out of his “Den Space,” you should take him to the designated “Potty” area on a leash. Try to use the same door each time. Look at your watch. Give your dog 3 to 5 minutes to go. While waiting label the command and say “GO POTTY” or whatever term you would like to use repeatedly. Immediately praise him when he starts to go potty. If she doesn’t go in the specified time return her to her crate without showing any discouragement. Remember she is not in trouble. Repeat every 15 to 30 minutes until results are achieved. When potty happens reward by allowing your new puppy some supervised freedom. Remember, out of site out of mind. If you aren’t going to keep an eye on your dog then the den is a great option. You can also tether your puppy to your belt so they cant get out of site.

Step #3—Supervision
While your dog is out of his crate it is important to never let him out of your site. Always be looking for signs that your dog has to potty. Such as sniffing around or circling in place. The biggest mistake is giving your puppy too much freedom too quickly.

100% Supervision

When you first start potty training, don’t let the dog out of your sight no matter what. You need to catch him in the act of going potty.

Managing Supervision

If you can’t keep your dog in your site tie him to a table or a chair with a leash. This is ideal if you are eating a meal or just relaxing and watching television. If you cannot watch your puppy, keep him in his crate or penned area.

When Accidents Happen…

If you catch your puppy making a mistake, immediately take him out to his potty area. If you find an accident after the fact, just clean it up and refer to your rules of supervision. The most important rule is “BE CONSISTENT”

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