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Behavior vs Obedience

dog obedience training Jacksonville FLBehavior vs obedience. Can we have one without the other? I can’t count how many time a dog owner has said to me “My dog is perfect, except…”  It’s very rare that we can spot fix a dog. That is fix one problem without addressing the overall well being of the puppy. Traditional dog training typically trains obedience. Rarely do they address the deeper issues embedded in the instinctual drives of canines.

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You might ask, Behavior vs obedience? “What’s the difference?” The difference is many people including trainers try to fix behavioral problems such as aggression or fear by teaching obedience such as sit, down, and come. That will never work. Obedience is easy, all dogs learn the commands, but that is maybe only 20% of the equation. The behavior of a dog is the most important aspect in your life. My dogs do some have a vast array of tricks they can do, but that means nothing to me if I have to worry about my Golden Retriever or my Labradoodle putting his teeth on a kid or a neighbors dog.

Building a balanced dog is the most important thing you can do for your dog. This happens by establishing that pack leadership that all dogs need and look for. Being the pack leader doesn’t mean being the ALPHA DOG. It means building trust with your dog through clear communication, body language and love. Without it your dog will never be happy. We approach obedience first then the behavior side of things. To get to the bottom of your dog issues we have to be able to get him to sit and stay but that won’t fix most big problems. Behavior rehabilitation comes from clear communication. You will be amazed how your relationship with mans best friend will grow through trust and understanding.  For a balanced dog you have to teach the dog and dog owner how to live in harmony.

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