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Dog Training Articles

The Discipline of Being Disciplined With My Dog

David Meyers Head Trainer, St Johns County, Florida Sit Happens Dog Training, LLC I came to be a dog owner by way of adoption in December 2012. I grew up not having a pet of any kind. When I adopted Riser I had the extraordinary fortune of receiving him from a family that was fostering […]

Sit Happens, In The Beginning

How We Became Sit Happens? In the beginning… It’s funny. Before I was a dog trainer I didn’t know such a job existed. Except maybe the Dog Whisperer. And that was only on TV right? Then my best friend bought a dog training franchise. I thought he was nuts. Who in their right mind would pay to have […]

Puppy Potty Training

PUPPY POTTY TRAINING: 101! Potty Training may be one of the hardest most frustrating challenges you will face when you bring your puppy home. We will tell you what to do and just as important, what you should not do, from the moment you bring the new family dog home. First and foremost avoid potty […]

Behavior vs Obedience

Behavior vs obedience. Can we have one without the other? I can’t count how many time a dog owner has said to me “My dog is perfect, except…”  It’s very rare that we can spot fix a dog. That is fix one problem without addressing the overall well being of the puppy. Traditional dog training […]

So You Want To Be A Dog Trainer in Jacksonville

                                 So You Want to be a Dog Trainer? By Jody Hancock Entry 1 – Why Sit Happens? So I want to be a dog trainer in Jacksonville. I’ve been a corporate executive for decades, and have travelled the world many […]

Attention! Jacksonville Dog Training

Dog Training Jacksonville Beach 1

                             Attention! Jacksonville Dog Training By Josh Jeffers One of the hardest things for me to learn as a dog trainer in Jacksonville was how to properly communicate with my dogs. Don’t get me wrong my dogs had great obedience skills. I […]

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